District 2

Welcome to District Two 2018

Thank you for choosing to participate in the WJGA. We are excited to meet our new junior members and look forward to seeing our returning players and their families again this summer. We are especially excited that WJGA will be offering another new event this spring in addition to our tradition summer schedule. Make sure to check out the WJGA Complete Schedule and sign up for all events right away.

Policies to be Aware of

Refund policy – All refund requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and should be submitted by email to the Tournament Director. Refunds because of scheduling conflicts will only be allowed until May 31st, and when granted will be subject to a $10 administration fee for Sub-District events and $20 administration fee for all other events. No refunds will be issued within 1 week of any tournament date.

ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE PROHIBITED FOR USE ON THE GOLF COURSE BY PLAYERS, with the exception of distance only measuring devices.  No cell phone distance measuring devices will be allowed.

Proper golf attire for girls – Capri pants, shorts, and skirts on girls that are appropriate for golf and worn as the manufacturer intended.  NOTE: If the host club dress code policy is more strict than the WJGA policy, all WJGA contestants and gallery must adhere to the host club dress code policy.  All hats must be worn bills forward, and all shirts must be tucked in, at all times. No bare midriff showing.

Important Player and Gallery Rules

WJGA Code of Conduct – it is your responsibility to read and understand.

Qualifying for District information

Qualifying for Your District Championship

To qualify for your district championship, you must place (plus ties) in at least one sub-district event as follows:

Boys 16-18 score in the top 12
Girls 16-18 score in the top 6
Boys 14-15 score in the top 12
Girls 14-15 score in the top 5
Boys 12-13 score in the top 7
Girls 12-13 score in the top 4
Boys 8-11 score in the top 6
Girls 8-11 score in the top 4

(In addition – all players must meet scoring guideline to
advance to the District Championship)
Boys 16-18       85           Boys 14-15       90
Boys 12-13       100        Boys 8-11         60 (9 holes)
Girls 16-18        100       Girls 14-15       105
Girls 12-13        115        Girls 8-11         75 (9 holes)

Walking Scorer Policy

Walking Scorer Policy

PARENTS of PLAYERS AGES 8-13 MUST BE (or provide/delegate)
A WALKING SCORER (16 yrs or older) in at least 2 events
(or one event if player enters only one event).
Players may be asked to withdraw if no walking scorer is provided.

Tee Times Details

Tee times will be posted on the District 2 Tee Times page of the WJGA website at least 48 hours prior to the event. Pairings cannot be changed once the tee times are posted. Pairings cannot be requested. Please don’t ask to be paired with your friends. All players should arrive at the course and check-in AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to their posted tee time. All players in the 12-18 age divisions play 18 holes, while players age 8-11 play 9 holes.



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