State Exemptions

To earn a State Championship exemption, boys & girls must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Top-5 from previous year’s points list
  • Current year overall champion at the Western, Eastern or Players Open
  • Qualify to play in the current year USGA Jr. Amateur

The following players are exempt into THE 2018 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP if they so choose.

All exempt players must play in at least one Sub-District event to be eligible to use their exemption.


Brittany Kwon
Cassie Kim
Alyssa Nguyen
Samantha Hui
Montgomery Ferreira
Gihoe Seo
Kennedy Knox
Morgan Bentley
Lauryn Nguyen


Alvin Kwak
Sean Kato
Joe Highsmith
Jordan Lee
Ian Siebers
Drew Warford
Nathan Cogswell