Gallery Rules

Proper golf etiquette is expected.
Please be a role model for our juniors

  1. Galleries will be permitted. Players are held responsible for the action of their families, relatives or friends.
  2. Galleries must keep their distance from players on the course and until players leave the attesting area. (25 yards-walk in rough) No Coaching Allowed.
  3. Abuse (including abuse of cell phone restrictions), harassment or interference with volunteers or officials will not be tolerated.
  4. Talking on cell phones or other similar devices or use of noise making electronic devices is prohibited.
  5. Spectator carts will not be allowed. Only official carts authorized by the Committee will be allowed on the course.
  6. No alcoholic beverages allowed near the tournament operations area.
  7. We are a non-smoking associaiton, please do not smoke.

Dress Code for Gallery

All spectators, family members and others, must observe the dress code of the course being played.


1.  First offense — warning and asked to change clothes  (warnings will carry throughout the entire season)
2.  Second offense — person asked to leave the course and may be refused future gallery privileges. If person refuses to leave, the player may be DISQUALIFIED from the tournament being played or suspended indefinitely from future WJGA events.

3.  DISQUALIFICATION can preempt warning if the violation is flagrant.