Tournament Info

All competitors in WJGA sponsored tournaments will be expected to conform to the WJGA code of conduct at all times. In particular, players and their parents should be aware of, and in conformance with, the following specific items:

Arrival time: Check in at registration desk at least 30 minutes before tee time.

Caddies or motorized carts are not permitted. Penalty is disqualification. Pull carts are permitted. Distance only measuring devices are permitted.  No cell phone measuring devices will be allowed.

All WJGA tournaments are played under the current version of the Rules of Golf.

IMPORTANT —Withdrawal: A player who wishes to withdraw from a tournament must inform his tournament director at least 48 hours before the tournament begins.  The beginning of the tournament is defined as the first tee time.  Informing the golf course is not an acceptable way of withdrawing from a tournament. Withdrawal from a tournament more than 48 prior to the tournament will not affect your future tournament play. However, failure to withdraw in a timely fashion will be deemed the same as failing to appear at the tournament itself.  (See No-show below.)

IMPORTANT — No-Show: A player who fails to appear at a tournament at his scheduled tee time will be deemed a “no show.”  Such a no show will be DISQUALIFIED from the current tournament and from the next WJGA event in which the player is entered, including district, State, and the Jr. World State Qualifier.

Picking Up: A player who quits before he has completed his round, without permission from the Tournament Director, will be DISQUALIFIED (USGA 6-8a) and will be automatically suspended from the next WJGA event in which the player is entered.   This includes the district, State and IMG Academy Junior World Golf Championships Qualifier tournament.

Slow Play: Players may be warned by a rules official about slow play if more than one hole is open ahead of their group or if they do not complete a set of holes in a time specified by the committee.  Once having been warned, USGA Rule #6-7 may be applied:  if, when it is his or her turn to play, a player is observed, on two separate occasions, to require more than 40 seconds to complete a shot, a two stroke penalty is assessed.

Scoring: After players have left the scoring table, cards are considered officially turned in to the Committee and no changes may be made.  The definition of the Committee is “person/persons at the scoring table”.

Practice:  Practice between rounds on any competition course remaining to be played is prohibited.  PENALTY IS DISQUALIFICATION.  Practice on designated practice areas is permitted (USGA RULE #7-1b).  No practice chips or putts are allowed onto or near the green of any hole just completed during competition.  Penalty: 2 strokes applied to next hole.

Sat/Sun April 1/2, 2017 at Capitol City GC. Open to all current WJGA members.

Sat/Sun April 29/30 at Sun Willows GC. Eligibility: - open to all current WJGA Members