T. of Champions

2017 WJGA Tournament of Champions

Whidbey Golf Club
Aug 21-22, 2017

Round 1 Starting Times

Contestant Confirmation TOC 2017

Whidbey Golf Club

2016 Final Results

2016 TOC Champions

Boys 16-17
*Travis Kay
Girls 16-17
Lauren Settle
Boys 14-15
Andrew Martin
Girls 14-15
Cassie Kim
Boys 12-13
Luke Sherrell
Girls 12-13
*Julia Bordeaux
*Overall Champion

The inaugural WJGA Tournament of Champions was held at the private Clarkston Golf & Country Club in Clarkston, Wash. Clarkston G&CC has hosted two PAC-10 Conference Championships as well as several PNGA regional championships.

Play was over 36-holes of individual stroke play and final results were submitted to the AJGA and Junior Golf Scoreboard for any potential star and ranking points. In 2016, WJGA 12-17 year olds (a player’s age was determined by the age the player is on June 1st, which is the same criteria used to determine the players age for the regular WJGA season) that meet any of the current year qualifying criteria are eligible to register.  

Starting in 2017, the WJGA Board of Directors has approved a new policy for a players age (18) and the date that age is to be determined (August 1).  The new policy is that a players age will be determined by the age the player is on August 1st and WJGA will now expand to allow 18 year olds to play in our program. 

Boys and Girls Qualifying Criteria 2017

Schedule of Events